Trick Free Kick Game PES 2017 100% Goal

On this occasion, will share the trick free kick game PES 2017. To be able to take advantage of opportunities to score goals, one trick is to be owned that trick did free kick. The trick if done well-defined goal will be created.

The main requirement to be able to do a free kick that went well that you have to choose the player who has the accuracy and power are quite good. One such player is C. Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and much more. Please, you can define yourself according to your wishes.

Trick Free Kick Games PES 2017

Trick Free Kick Game PES 2017

By having a variety of tricks in gameplay Pes, one of which is the trick free kick. Surely you will be able to play great and could win any game with your friends. For more details, please refer to explanation How to Conduct Free Kick as follows.

The steps are:
  • Position players will kick the pole to the top left corner.
  • Then press the left and direction by means of simultaneously press and hold down.
  • Thereafter To optimize the accuracy of press R2 to trick her and hold down.
  • Then press box with half a volume strength only.
  • Onwards please kick.
  • Done. please see the result.
Thus the discussion Trick Free Kick Pes, 2017, in a step as described above if done correctly most likely will be created with a beautiful goal. Hopefully in the discussions presented above can be useful and beneficial. If there is a discussion that is less clear on behalf say sorry.

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