How to Unlock Pattern Blocked In Mobile Android

It is indeed a great deal on the HP android, due to forgotten or tampered because of the brains of our friends. So if you're experienced, do not be confused and worried, because everything must be a solution.

Usually if the key patterns android phone is blocked, a notification will appear to enter the Gmail account and your password, but if worse Gmail account and password that you have also forgotten, quiet does not need to worry and confused.

How to Unlock Pattern Blocked

How to Unlock Pattern Blocked

This if done repairs at the counter, of course, the price will be very expensive, so if you do not want to pay at all. Please take was a little time to listen to an explanation how to fix it.
  • Make sure your phone still has enough power (Not Low) then let go SIM and also memory card
  • Then turn off your phone
  • After that, you must press and hold Home + Power + Volume Up (above) hold down until you exit the HP logo
  • After that, there will be a notification by writing Factbook, Clear Storage, Recovery, and Simlock. Please select Recovery menu by sliding the volume of the navigation menu above and below then please press the OK by pressing the Home button
  • Upon notification appears, as shown above, please select Wipe Data / Factory Reset, press the Home button for Yes
  • Then select and press the For All Users
  • The last step press Reboot Now
  • Then please wait until it completes reboot.
  • Done, your mobile will be normal again.

But the manner described above will make an application owned will be lost unless the factory default application your mobile phone.

So tips on how to unlock the blocked patterns, hopefully, the discussion presented above can be helpful and useful to you.

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