How to Play Game Dinosaurs in Google Chrome Browser

This one game is currently very popular and a lot of love, this game can also be used directly in the browser chrome in the offline state. To that end, on this occasion will be a little about how to play the game Dinosaurs.

Actually, to how to play the game is very easy, but among you all probably still many who do not understand how to run it. I myself play the game the first time, still, find it difficult because they have not understood how to run it.

How to Play Game Dinosaurs in Google

How to Play Game Dinosaurs in Google Chrome Browser

Therefore if you do not understand how to run it, please take a moment to listen to the explanation as follows.

How to Play the Game Dinosaurs Google Chrome On Computer

1. Step First, make sure your computer is offline and not connected to any internet network, if still connected beforehand please disconnect your wifi.

2. Then please open google chrome browser from any computer. Make sure that you use the browser chrome is the latest version. If you're still using the version below, please upgrade your chrome browser first.

3. Then in the browser chrome, type anything in the URL address and then press ENTER, then the game dinosaur will appear.

4. Then, if the dinosaur has appeared, you have to do now is simply press the SPACE key to start playing the game.


- SPACE button is useful for skipping the prickly cactus
- ENTER key or SPACE useful to repeat the game back.

How to Play the Game Dinosaurs Google Chrome On Android

1. To play this game chrome dinosaurs, of course, make sure the first in the mobile android app you've installed Google Chrome browser. If you do not have, please download google their Chrome browser via PlayStore.

2. Then change the mobile phone network mode android you to Airplane Mode (Airplane Mode), this mode is used to turn off the connection of the transmitter signal in android mobile.

3. Open the google chrome browser and let your internet connection while offline. Then type something in the URL tab.

4. It will appear in the form of dinosaur T-rex in google chrome browser you (make sure the condition of your mobile phone absolutely in the offline state, if not, then the dinosaur will not appear).

5. Then tap on the dinosaur to start the game.

If the game is over, tap again to repeat the game.

Such is the explanation of how to play the game this chrome dinosaur, how friends are still confused in the above explanation. If you're still confused, please contact us via the menu comment that has been provided. Maybe that's all from me, I hope the above explanation can be helpful and useful.

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