How to fix your phone can not charge

Welcome to our site. the problem has always come by itself, it is definitely not very sucks. Moreover, the problem comes when the time was very important. It's my friend's experience while going to travel far when it would charge the phone first, he said fear of running out of battery on the road, it turns out my friend cell phone can not charge.

Certainly, it is very annoying if you are also currently experiencing an issue that is almost similar to my friend. Be patient and do not panic, because every problem has a solution. For How to Fix Phone can not be in Charge takes sacrifice. but prior to release funds, you can do my tips that hopefully can help your phone be returned as usual.

How to fix your phone can not charge

How to fix your phone can not charge

Before you go to a cell phone service, you should first ago the analysis of these problems, one of which is, by the way, check your phone's battery, would not be able to perform charging or could be filled within a very slow. If it is experienced, please take a moment prior to listening to the explanation How to Improve Smartphone Could Not in Charge as follows.

1. Check your USB port

Please check on the USB port on your smartphone, USB metal usually can not be connected properly. This usually happens because often make the filling, this is so great role factor in the destruction of your phone's USB port.

To overcome this problem please find small objects such as needles or any small object, then turn off your cell phone first and also to remove the battery of your mobile phone. Please enter the small objects into the USB port of your brain while tweaking up many times, remember not too loud.

2. Check Cable Charge

The second step is to check the charge cable you have, usually, it is widely experienced by some people. To check please borrow a friend's cable or relatives, or you have a charge cable itself is still functioning properly. If it turns out after replacement cable can charge your smartphone in charge. Means that the problems come from your pal charge cable.

So what if after changing cables charge still can not be functioning for charging, please you have to check the adapter charge, please borrow again have a friend you are, such as disposable adapter charge another process charging be running smoothly means that these problems occur on the adapter yours,

3. Check Battery

If in the discussion of the number. 1 and number. 2 there is no solution, the final step is simply to check the phone battery mate. How to check that is by borrowing more batteries have a friend who with similar types. If the process goes well and could be charged with a stable means your battery is the problem phone Not Be In Charge. So please continue to go to the accessories to buy a new battery, try if you have a lot of money just to buy the Original to be resistant durable and also, of course, the quality will be assured.

Maybe that could provide about How to Improve Android phone Not Be In Charge. If the above discussion there are less obvious or difficult to understand, please contact us on the menu that has been provided. Hopefully, these tips can be useful and beneficial for those who are facing the problem.

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