Best Antivirus Software for Windows

Role antivirus on computer equipment that is needed, antiviral Because it can be used to prevent virus attacks so that the user device remains safe. Although antivirus main task is to block malware from being installed on computers.

Antivirus but it can also be used to secure the data and programs that are already installed on your device. Therefore, as the user program on the Internet and various computer need to have a quality antivirus. Basically antivirus various types available, namely the free version and a paid version.

Most people prefer the free version of the paid version because it must spend money to get it. But for the free version is not much different from the paid version. The observed differences in technical support and protection that is more accurate than the free version.

Best Antivirus Software For Windows

With the development of technology to make more and more antivirus free version that is already of sufficient quality more and more. To that end, we've been under a list of some antivirus software that you can use to protect your computer equipment.

1. McAfee


One antivirus that can be utilized is McAfee. Antivirus is a free version and a paid version. To be able to run antivirus, you only need to crack the code of the antivirus that has been provided when the download is in progress. This product very well solves the problem there is a virus on your computer.

2. Avast


The second is Avast Antivirus, the software can be used to protect against malware and can also be used to identify loopholes Wi-Fi network. Avast can also protect data such as passwords used to log in to access the internet. Avast is also available in the free version and a paid version. For the paid version is no protection for phishing and spam filters. As for the free version is also quite enough to protect your computer is good, though not as a paid version that is more perfect.

3. BitDefender


As for the third, the Bitdefender Antivirus, Antivirus is available for the free version and a paid version. BitDefender is able to offer enough protection performance is quite good and fast. BitDefender antivirus Privileges can work quietly unlike another antivirus that always arises when the notification is done.

4. AVG


AVG Antivirus fourth. Antivirus provides many features to make the user's activity. Antivirus is very popular and many people use it. AVG also provided a paid version and a free version as well. For the paid version offers excellent protection when carried for protection downloads and other online activities.

Information about the Antivirus Software for Windows. Antivirus which is above can be used as the best alternative in protecting computer devices.

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