Tips on How to Restore Important Data, Files, and Photos Deleted On Android

Android Basically there is storage sector located on the SIM card, external memory, and internal memory. Surely all important data storage such as in the form of photos, files and also video and more, and automatic be stored in the storage sector.

So what if the important data deleted, my friend does not need to worry and panic about it. Due to restore data deleted pal is easy if my friend closely following the appropriate steps instructions that I will give below.

Before we discuss how to restore deleted data, a best friend first understands the things that cause the elimination of data on your android phone, the goal is to anticipate that does not happen a second time.
  • Data erased after rooting android devices
  • Data erased because Flashing on android devices
  • Data erased after you perform a public setting
  • Data erased because of a defective device android
Those are some things that can cause the data on your android device can be erased, so henceforth please be careful when you are going to do things that are above due process as described above is very fatal in the deletion of important data you have.

Tips on How to Restore Important Data

Tips on How to Restore Important Data

Tips on how to restore files or critical data are erased, there are several ways, below I will share some of the ways to restore important files on your Android device is missing. For more details, please refer to the step by step what you should do.

How to restore the lost data on in device android who have never root

Please, you must first download the application called Recuva, the application is very capable of recovering data such as photos, video, and other data, but you must install the program on a Windows PC in advance to be able to run the application.


Please download the application here

If the application has been downloaded, please follow the steps below.

  • Connect Android buddy to PC with a USB cable or card reader.
  • Ensure that the memory of Android is already detected, then open the application Recuva.
  • Select the type of file you want to restore buddy, select All files if my friend wants to restore all types of files in the SD Card.
  • Select the drive where the location of the file you want to be restored. Select In a specific location if you want to select the memory location. Choose I'm Not Sure if my friend forgot the location of the file you want to be restored.
  • Click on Enable Deep Scan check if my friend wants to search files that are deeper.
  • Then click Start to begin the search deleted files. Now that must mate to do is wait until the deleted file was found.
  • If the deleted file has been found by Recuva, then the task is to click the checkmate on the file, then right-click and choose Recover Checked.
  • Then select the drive where my friend will save the file, for example in the photo, and then click OK.
  • Once completed move files already stored on the PC had to an android pal.
  • finished

So how to restore important data is lost or erased by the application Recuva, although in the process looks complicated, but the process that determines your data can be restored again.

The second alternative, on how to restore the lost data on Android devices that have ever been on Root.

If your android device had previously been in Root, to restore data or files lost or deleted in device your android will be easier than the android who has never been in Root. in because already a widely available variety of applications that can be used to restore lost files in your android. The application can be found in PlayStore already available on your mobile phone.

Below is available a wide range of applications that you can use to restore the lost data or vanished in the device you're android.

1. Undeleter recover files and data

Undelete is an application that you can use to restore lost or deleted data, features of the application is free but if you want to get full support you are required to buy his first pro version.

For more details, please refer to the steps that must be done.
  • First, download the app on Google Play
  • Install and open the application.
  • If prompted for root access, press allow.
  • Then select Restore files or Restore data (such as SMS)
Restore files or Restore data
  • Choose which one to mate storage restore data, internal storage or external storage.
  • If it is going to be 2 options ie scan Journal Scan and Deep Scan. For the Journal scan, all the deleted files will be scanned, including photos, video, and text. For the Deep scan, we can choose you which we will file restore.
Journal Scan and Deep Scan
  • After choosing between the Deep or the Journal, press the scan is in the lower right corner.
  • Wait a few moments until the results appear scan ya.
  • After emerging please carefully one by one, which files will be returned.
  • If you've found the file you want to be restored, click and then tap the picture box in the upper right corner and select Restore Item.
picture box in the upper right corner and select Restore Item
  • Done, files, photos or data buddy want's returned to the storage of your android.

Thus tips on how to restore data or files lost or deleted by application Undeleter.

2. Disk Digger Undelete

Applications that both are disk digger undelete, the application is available with the free version and also versions of the pay, but for the application of the free version can only be used to restore the file format JPG, PNG, and also MP4 to version others you must use the version that is paid,

To use please refer to the steps.

  • Download DiskDigger in PlayStore application, install it.
  • If requested access to Root, select allow
  • There will be a warning Upgrade to Pro. If my friend does not want to upgrade select any thanks.
  • Select the data storage file to restore the data in the internal memory or External.
  • Then select the file format that will be returned earlier, then click OK
select the file format that will be returned earlier
  • DiskDigger will begin scanning/scan files that can still be restored.
  • Select the file to be restored
Select the file to be restored
  • Then choose to Save local ... To help us find the file that has been refunded earlier.
  • finished
So how to use the Disk Digger Undelete, indeed in restoring lost files on android with this application is easy and fast.

3. Dumpster - recycle bin

Actually, this application is not to restore deleted files, but rather to hold the files, images and data are deleted. Recycle Bin function is the same as that of the PC. We can restore all files are erased if the previous application installed android friend Dumpster.

So Dumpster used to address the problem of the deleted file. How to restore your files, photos and data are erased in android using Dumpster, follow the steps below:
  • Surely my friend must download application prior Dumpster
  • Install and open the application Dumpster.
  • First, open the buddy told to choose any files that want to be accommodated by the Dumpster. Setting as the desired mate.
accommodated by the Dumpster
  • All deleted files on android we will be at capacity by the same dumpster as the Recycle Bin on the PC. But Dumpster has been categorized by folders.
  • Search folders and files you want to restore my friend.
  • After completion of the restore files that you want, my friend can permanently delete other files that are not needed in order not to meet internal storage android.
internal storage android
  • How to remove it, go to the settings menu (top left) and select "Empty Dumpster."
  • finished
Thus the discussion of How to restore important data, photos, and files on your android device. Hopefully, the article as described above can be beneficial and useful for you. If a friend or relative you are experiencing this, please kindly to distribute this article to a friend or sibling through social media that has been provided below.

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