Tips How to fix a water damaged phone

On this occasion, I will share tips on how to overcome smartphones damaged by exposure to water. It is basically to save the phone exposed to water is very difficult, because the component of the phone will certainly not work.

Unless the phone is already circulating now the most advanced mobile phone technology already carrying the certificated water resistant (waterproof) that is present on mobile phones such as Samsung S7 and also Experia Z Series. The mobile phone technology owned able to survive in the water and special phones will be fine, normal as usual.

Not like the phone is still common in the sense of the previous output, surely if immersed in a pool of water that the phone will instantly die (not lit). If it happens like certainly friend will feel annoyed to think for a pay service.

But take it, easy buddy, do not need to think about and also frustrating. because below are provided in various ways anticipation in overcoming the phone died because of exposure to water. This is certainly not the way free driving out costs one cent pal. how good so take a moment to listen to them as follows.

How to fix a water damaged phone

How to fix a water damaged phone

In addressing the phones exposed to water, whether or not in addressing it depends on buddy in handling fast or is already quite a long time. because if it is damaged in long enough can also be components in the PCB (printed circuit board) that is damaged.

PCB was a place where critical components such as CPU, Ram, and others laid. So, this is the main component. The lightest damage usually is on the speakers, sim card slot, and LCD. Not long ago one of my brother's smartphone also exposed to rain just within a few minutes, these three components has been directly damaged.

Therefore, if my friend does not want to pay expensive to repair the phone is exposed to water, did a few tips to overcome Phones are damaged by water:

1. Remove the Battery, Memory Card, and SIM card

This is the first thing to do buddy. Do not try to turn the phone in wet conditions. Remove the battery as soon as possible to minimize damage due to short or shorting after HP exposed to water. Buddy understand that water and electricity were not friendly, so do not try light before phone completely dry. Do not forget to also remove the SIM card and the memory card (if any).

2. Unloading Inside Mobile

The next step is rather difficult. Buddy must dismantle the phone is exposed to water earlier. Remove all scrap that exist on the casing (if you have not got screwdriver can borrow or buy). If the casing is open, remove the existing scrap also on the PCB. Anyway unloading a total of up to small parts.

3. Focus On LCD

This is the most important. After all exposed, clean the LCD is first. These components are usually often damaged after being exposed to LCD software contains filaments that are not resistant to moisture water. If left too long black spots will appear on the LCD. That's why the first part of the LCD to be broken when HP submerged in water.

4. Do Drying Total

Once dried LCD parts of water, then dry the HP else like PCBs by using a blower, fan, or Sounds with hair dryer. But if the PCB drying with a hair dryer not too close and too long because of the heat generated will damage the PCB components.

To overcome the battery drop due to exposure to water, my friend can outsmart by drying the battery under the scorching sun at least 1 to 2 hours or sparingly until the battery is completely dry. After that charge the battery by using a portable charger.

5. Soak In Rice

Take a box full of rice and soak all components of the water affected phone in rice within 1 or 2 days. It aims to drain the remnants of water that exist on the HP component because it contains the electrostatic rice can absorb moisture and reduce humidity.

6. Raft Mobile Back

After the drying process is complete, now you stay reassemble the components that have been disassembled before. Raft properly and carefully so as not to damage the other components. If it has been assembled, try a turn.

The phone is supposed to be normal again, or at least flame blink (a white flame), all depending on how long the phone is submerged in water and how fast buddy handles the phone.

All the above tips are not tips to fix the phone is exposed to water but to give first aid after HP submerged in water. So, if the phone my friend still can not flame normally after doing the above tips, you should take it to the counter service phone to be repaired intensively.

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