How to Cope Smartphone Android Dead Total

Many Android smartphone users who feel confused and disappointed when experiencing boot loop Android device or even death total. Many of the users who went straight to the repairman to fix their phones. However, if the user has little understanding of the Android OS will definitely not be confused, and will look for Solutions to Overcome the Dead Total Android phone.

because this time I will give some of the best tips to overcome your Android phone or boot loop total dead. In addition to this article will also be a little me explain the cause and what is meant by boot loop and totally dead. Well for that please refer to - good reviews below.

Solutions to Overcome Mobile Android Dead Total

How to Cope Smartphone Android Dead Total

Meanwhile Brick itself consists of two types of Soft and Hard Brick Brick. What is meant by Soft Brick is where the phone can still be lit but the experience stuck on the boot screen. While Hard Brick is the condition of the phone altogether can not be fired even not respond when in charge.

Well before overcoming Android phone shuts it down, the better to understand first the phone is included under what conditions. After knowing the condition of the phone is under what conditions. then please resolve these phones with the following methods.

Here is a solution to overcome the death of Android phones in total in a state boot loop, soft and hard brick. Please refer to how:

1. How to Cope with HP Android boot loop

First please turn off your Android smartphone.
After that go to the Recovery Mode menu by pressing the power button and volume buttons Down. After it did wipe data or Factory Reset then do Restart your phone. Please remember to enter the Recovery Mode is different for each - each brand smartphone, but generally by pressing the power button and volume buttons Down.

2. How to Improve Android phone Soft Brick
  • First, connect the Android phone to a PC using a data cable.
  • Next, go to the download menu mode by pressing the power + volume down to wait out the android logo.
  • After that, open the app ODIN on your PC and make sure the Android phone is detected by the ODIN application.
  • Make flashing using the ODIN software.
  • Do not use a PIT, in the flash.
  • Do checklist repartition.
3. How to Improve Android Hp Hard Brick
  • Release all mobile phone components such as SIM cards, Micro SD, battery and so forth.
  • After that wait around 30 minutes.
  • After that replace all the components removed earlier.
  • Then enter the download mode menu.
  • Lastly, do the flashing process.
Thus some Solutions to Overcome Death Total Android phone that you can do in accordance with the state of your Android smartphone. A few tips Overcoming Dead Totalt Android phone, thank you for reading this trick and do not forget to continue to read other tips by visiting

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