Full Trick Play PES 2017 to Always Win

Tricks potent so invincible when playing games pro evolution soccer latest in 2017, for those of you that have been difficult in a game against your friends just to read some of the following tricks so that you are great at playing the game of plague them.

Always win in game pes game is not easy, but if you already know a few tricks pes 2017 then you will be easier to defeat your enemies during play.

For those of you who want to try to use way to play PES 2017 To Always Win a buddy should read this tutorial review to completion because here you will find the secret trick that is in the latest pes 2017 game.

Here are Some Powerful Ways To always win in PES 2017

Trick Play PES 2017

Tips and Tricks to Survive In PES 2017
  • Press X + L2 is useful for Pressing / Pressing opponent.
  • Press X + R2 + L2 simultaneously, Useful for shadowing and closing movement of an opponent.
  • Press X + R2 simultaneously, Handy to overshadow the movement of an opponent when the opponent had the ball.

Tips Tricks Dribble In PES 2017
  • Heel Chop: Hold L1 and point the right and left analog up simultaneously
  • Ball Roll II: Hold L1 and then navigate to the right analog down then up.
  • Ball Roll I: Hold L1 and then navigate down to the right analog.
  • Front Flick: Hold L1, then press the analog to the right and left analog point to the upper left.
  • Rainbow Flick: Hold L1 and press the right analog 2 times.
  • Diagonal Bounce: Hold L1 and then navigate to the left and right analog left to upper right.
  • Backheel Feint: Hold L1 and rotate the right analog 1/4 circle from left up to the top and bottom of the left analog.

Tips Tricks Penalty Kick In PES 2017

At the position of penalty, you only press box and direct you off and remember not too long because the ball is going far off to the outside of the post, then wait until the player moves closer to the ball and press the direction you want, hold down direction until the player finishes kicking a ball.

Tips Tricks Free Kick In PES 2017
  • Navigate your players into the far corner of the goalkeeper goalpost.
  • Press and hold the downward direction
  • Then press the button box to pass half the graphics power or about 60%.
  • After that as soon as you release the key and then pressing the X + direction Directions right or left (Depending are where the Pole position away goal from goalkeeper)

Tips Tricks Crossing In PES 2017
  • Press O, Useful for high feed side.
  • Press the O + O + O, Useful for feedback even fast
  • Press the O + O, Useful to feed the stomach middle.

Secret Function Keys In PES 2017 R2

Tips tricks first PES 2014 is the F2 key. In controlling the ball in PES 2014 is difficult. Therefore the R2 button function here is so important. R2 buttons can be used to hold the ball and strengthens body balance during a duel with an opposing player. In addition, the R2 button in combination with other keys can produce a technique, such as making a shot to the opponent's goal.

Bait Secrets How To Perform One-Two In PES 2017

In doing the bait one-two PES 2014 is a little bit different from previous versions, not just pressing the L1 and X because it will make the players just ran straight ahead despite facing many opposing players. Use the right analog button to set the direction of the intended player. First press L1 and X, and when the ball flowing tap L1 and right analog point to the intended direction.

Secrets Optimize button Right Analog In PES 2017

Tips trick PES 2014 to four, namely the right analog button function is very important in this latest version. We can grab the ball with a duel body balance by pressing the R1 button and move the right analog button toward opposing players to provide physical contact. In addition, we can also strengthen our guard if the pressure is performed strictly opponent to snatch the ball.

Secret Technique Doing Shooting In PES 2017

If in an expeditious fashion, to do the shooting will greatly depend on our expertise. For the time of shooting into the opponent's goal, after pressing the button box immediately press the triangle so that the player kicked the ball. If not, then the player will take some seconds to do a kick, if a player is in a state of running. This technique can be done from outside the box or when the position one on one with goalkeeper opponent.

Secrets of Winning Air Duel In PES 2017

While receiving the balls of air, it will be difficult for us to win air duel. Therefore if you want to win air duel, press the X button when the ball was in the air and did not reach the player while holding the R2 button. As for heading straight to the opposing goal, press box when the ball was in the air, and then press the triangle when the ball is up in the player's head. This technique also applies to dealing with aerial duel from a corner kick.

Secret Strategies super sub In PES 2017

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, players who run out of stamina will greatly affect his game. Examples are not accurately getting the ball up one position in receiving feedback. This could be an advantage if we use it well, we need to do is to keep one player in our team with a high rate of speed. This player can act as the super sub to play around 70 minutes' upwards. With the condition of an opposing player who grew weary, the super sub it will be easier to do its job to score goals and give a significant difference at the end of the game.

Secrets of Building Attack In PES 2017

The midfield is the key in the game. If we can control the midfield and the wings to continue to play the ball and give feedback to the striker, then the goal a matter of time. Do not just sporadic attacks to the heart of the opponent's defense when in position behind. It's just easier for defenders to anticipate and launched a counterattack to fruitful goal for the opponent. The best solution is to stay calm and controlled the game while looking for loopholes to create opportunities for more mature.

Secret Situation One on One In PES 2017

One on one situation between the strikers with the opponent's goalkeeper will be easier to score. Simply point the ball to the far post or the direction in which the goalkeeper is difficult to reach, then the goal will most likely occur.

Secret System Survive In PES 2017

Do not rely too much on how the R1 or R2 + X + X to survive the system and steal the ball from an opponent. Try to use the R1 + manual box while directing our players to do the pressing to the opposing players. This would make opposing players become complacent and will do hasty passing.

Tips - Secret Tricks Supplement In PES 2017

Back skill press L2 continue and press R3 (analog right) twice One-two while running press L1 and press X before accepting the ball while running triangle L1 and press X before getting the ball press box (the ball somewhat in the lift). Deceive the enemy press L1 twice. Evade Dachshund press R2. Avoid enemies while avoiding always try and combine it with the press R2 L2.

Super Cancel - to change the direction of the player default run press R1 and R2 together and point the player to the ball. All together for the kicker to two individuals how to press L1 and R1, and to press L1 and R1, and to pass to the second kicker L1 and press X. Bring a ball and in the shadow shadowed opponent varying R1 and L2 always should wear a 4-2-3-1 formation, 4-3 -3, 4-5-1 or formations corresponding original character of the team.

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