How to Make a Formation Attack and Defend is Automatically PES 2017

PES Game is a game of football is very popular for the moment. Formation automatic attack and defense is very helpful to achieve victory in gameplay pes. Because of this formation has many privileges if used in a game, these features one can allow you to play attack or defend.

Another specialty is that it can facilitate you in control of the ball the middle of the pitch during the game and also can make your enemy confusion occupy the ball in the middle, because the middle of the field there are many players you, so that in this case these formations will make you dominate the midfield in attacking or defensive ,

Not only that, this formation can also create your player can survive on automatically when the time was attacked by the enemy. This is helpful for you to play focused in the attack because it does not need to bother to think about the defense sector because eventually, you will move the last player automatically when you are attacked.

Formation attack and defense is automatically PES 2017

Steps should you prepare to make the formation of an automatic attack and defense that is by listening carefully to what we will provide, for more details, please refer to how to make the formation of a nest and survive automatically:

The first step you should prepare that makes attacking formation beforehand please refer to the manufacturing steps:
  • Please pal using a 3-4-1-2 formation formations because they are very good for this type of attack, the article these formations is very easy to edit for attacking positions.
  • The second step you have to enter the edit menu position so that the position of the player becomes as shown below:

formation attack and defense is automatically

So that in the position to make an attacking player total to leave two defenders and only one defensive midfielder. Do not worry about issues when attacked by the enemy because we have automatic survival strategies.

The next step is to be prepared is to make automatic survival strategies when attacked by the enemy.
  • Sign on the Menu Team
  • Then go to the change Strategy please replace the default strategy to be like the following picture

Strategy attack and defense is automatically

Step change its strategy like the one in the picture above please follow the instructions as follows:
  • Please enter the menu Team Strategy
  • Replace the back line into A menu and menu offside Trap B
  • Then you replace all the strategy into auto 1 to 4 go into the locker control strategy change strategy be recommended
  • Then you have to go back and go to the menu Attack / Defence and then you select manual, why should choose the manual, due to change to blue under a corner of your screen when in aiming to survive while playing automatically.
Such tips and tricks on how to make the formation of a shadow of offense and defense of the new auto I give might be a way to make these formations will be fairly difficult, but if you often learn to make and practice certainly in the quickest time you can. Hopefully, in this discussion can make you play pes will be great and always won competition with the enemy.

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