Tricks How to Cheat Game Dynasty Warriors 6

Games adventure that this one is at the moment very much at all good fans of children and to adults, this game artifacts Due to the many challenges we need to take very difficult to pass through. The thing that makes the appeal of its users to be more vigorous in play.

On the other side of the game is fairly difficult to get through the challenges that exist, this game is also a lot of available tricks to help you through the obstacles. The majority are many who do not know the tricks in the game Dynasty Warriors 6, but you do not have to worry because I will detail review tricks in the game stretcher to assist you in playing the game.

It is basically a very cool adventure game to play especially if you already know the tricks that exist in the game Dynasty Warriors 6. The trick in the gameplay is very helpful as you get good at playing the game. Especially if you've mastered all the tricks are there, how difficult obstacles in this game will surely be passed with simple and easy.

Tricks Cheat Game Dynasty Warriors 6

Tricks Cheat Game Dynasty Warriors 6

For those of you who do not know the tricks cheat in the game Dynasty Warriors 6 Please refer to the explanation is below. But if you have a reliable and master the tricks cheat in the game, how good you also share with your friends to find out because the sharing of worship and could make a blessing. For more details, please refer to cheat trick game dynasty warriors 6 as follows.

How to get cool guns
  • To get the weapon damage for example to 55-65 just playing easy games in Ban Chang
  • To get a Weapon Damage 66-70 just play normal instance in Ban Chang
  • To obtain weapon damage please play hard examples 70-85 in Chang Ban
  • To get a Weapon Damage 80-90 please play master or example in He Fei Wu Zhang Plains
  • To get Weapons [Range (rare)] damage chaos 90-100 please play anywhere including easy stages one star / two
  • To get the max weapon damage 120-125 please play with flash (extremely rare to get it should try to obtain) playing chaos example, Wu Zhang Plains or He Fei to complete three goals and two women players good luck as well as a horse with skill find "weapon"

Tips and Tricks leveling up characters quickly and easily

Please play your character with hard difficulty in Free Mode. Choose Kemuadian area of He Fei and Wu scenario. Selanjutanya Complete all targets and do not forget to also kill Zhang Liao.
Then you can also play the battle of Wu Zhang Plains to play hard difficulty. So on the run of play scenario Shu. To raise the level of Lu Bu, you can choose to play in the scenario of He Fei Shu or Wei Chi Bi in the Scenario.

How to get an extra character Accessories.
  • Costume Character - Can be obtained if your character reaches level 25 and level 50.
  • Chaos Difficulty - Complete one character from the Wei kingdom, one character of the kingdom of Wu, one character from the Shu kingdom, in Musou Mode.
  • Voice Gallery - Level up characters to reach the highest level, level 50.

How to get Horse

How to get a horse in the game is not difficult, you just need to do a few tricks that pretty easily so you can get the horse. But should you need to know the first sequence of the horse is what you get before Kalin perform this trick, to order the horses here I will tell you from the most good to the highest:
  • Eyes: Consider the world, View the world in clarity, Miss nothing, Gaze into the distance
  • Physique: Heavenly, Superior, Well-balanced, Harbors untold power

For the horse get Please see the following way.
  • Please play it, with luck or with a character who has a skill like Lady Luck like Liu Bei, Guan Ping, Yuan Shao, Xu Zhu, Zhen Ji, and Xiao Qiao.
  • Please look for some sort of crate or barrel containing the saddle, continue to take all the weapons dropped by the officer.
  • Get the saddle of the officer and take all the weapons dropped by the officer.
  • Plays with how the trick time.
  • You edit the save or save a game or using the save game editor.
Thereby So the trick cheat game dynasty warriors 6 I can give, Please you learn the way he put it into practice, but did the trick will be somewhat difficult to do so. So you need patience and thoroughness in practice. It is basically in everything takes sacrifice and hard work. So to achieve the desired thing we have to learn and are always looking for information that can help achieve it.

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