Tricks kick Plessing PES 2017 100% Goal

In the game PES 2017 the most potent scoring goals is by way plesing kicks, tricks this one may have been many who have understood, but may too there who do not understand, especially for newly learned to play the game pes.

Plesing kick trick is basically very easy to put into practice, but if you are in practice it is not true certainly desirable thing would not be realized. so if you do not understand about this trick and also you just want to learn it. Should refer to the right of this article.

Tricks kick Plesing PES

Tricks kick Plessing PES 2017

Tricks kick plesing this one if done correctly will yield a very beautiful goal. Advantages of this Trick are that it can make the ball move curved and will also make the keeper as if deceived. This trick if successful would most likely make the goal of 90% will occur.

The steps that must be prepared, namely:
  • The first step is used players who will kick should have the power and accuracy is good, just like Messi example, Ruben, and other wells.
  • The second step is to position players who will kick the ball with the foot to position the players are relied upon by way of lateral body position.
  • While the third step is set within the player with the ball in order to have the strength or power when kicking the ball.
  • The next step is press the forward and the left simultaneously, a then please press box with a volume of half the power, then when the feet of the players will touch the ball first you press the R2 button and hold on until the ball leading wicket your enemy.
That Trick How Plesing kick PES 2017, these tricks can try running smoothly and precisely. Because if you do not go according to the procedure as described above such tricks certainly will not succeed. Hopefully, the discussion presented above can be useful for those who like to play games PES to be more intense and also smarter course.

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