Top 7 Best Navigation Apps for Android 2017 (GPS Apps Most popular)

Smartphone with Android operational system soared high and commerce well and will leave alternative Smartphone OS, It happens because full systems and applications that will transfer via PlayStore. There are millions of applications that may facilitate users in everyday activities like social media, entertainment, and other applications. Various applications on PlayStore provide convenience for users, it is also served by a number of the most effective GPS applications.

GPS has become a necessity for most people of a state. GPS is very useful as a navigator to succeed in the goal if you are traveling. GPS can additionally be accustomed monitor traffic period traffic and might additionally show the alternate path thus a lot of quickly to the goal. In the android smartphone itself nearly entirely is supplied with a GPS feature. All we have to transfer the applications that we wish and luxuriate in amenities tailored signpost to wherever users live.

Best android GPS Apps

GPS uses satellite technology to track the position, recording a distance, measure the distance vary, estimating the time as well as a navigator or signpost over mobile networks. Because it is on app smartphone, you automatically expedited while not having to get the initial GPS device, with enough capital cellular network on your smartphone. Ease other GPS apps on the app that is typically sufficiently small size thus it appeared light-weight and not too onerous smartphone users likewise.

In general, GPS android app is divided into 2, namely GPS Offline and on-line. Offline functionality is often used once the maps/map is kept in order that the position wherever you reside will be mapped properly and might be used while not a web association. But there ar times once Maps should be updated with associate degree on-line thanks to updating the map via satellite.

1. BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS

BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS

Backcountry Nav GPS Topo Maps is an application that supports the operate of geography maps on the map. Dteknokers can at once see the form of the plains and basins that create it clear once place through field visits. This application is suitable for a user who loves explore / adventure nature. For nature lovers, this application is very useful in seeing a parcel of land whereas rising the mountain. The principal advantage of this application is all its not require web access. Besides, this application also will tag a selected location as a destination or alternative marker. However, unfortunately, are paid apps with a worth of regarding a hundred and forty thousand in Play Store.

2. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

The advantages of this application ar to be employed in the offline position, so when updated on-line maps, users can ease while not associate degree web association. The application also includes a fairly complete fight and access correct position on the map. users can transfer this application for free via Google PlayStore. Besides, the application can show 3D map show with Housing and Urban Development options. This feature presents the image quality of the maps more attention-grabbing. There is also facilities speed notification once the user is driving.

3. Real-Time GPS Tracker

Real-Time GPS Tracker

The app is a small size however quite feature plenty. With a capacity of simply a 2.7 MB app is capable of running well on app smartphone users. With the system integrated with mileage, capable of enabling users to create the trip. Other than that the placement information is provided in a period alias in step with the system time. Other features are the delivery of messages to other smartphone users who use this application.

4. Glympse - Share GPS location

Glympse - Share GPS location

Next there Glympse GPS navigation feature that presents a direct location at an equivalent share of all smartphone users. Views are easy with associate degree straightforward to know maps as users notice varied points of interest. With a simple style additionally, makes it straightforward to share your location with others. In addition, a user can additionally raise alternative users to transmit location and is incredibly well matched once getting to a gathering.

5. Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

Then this app also uses the system to store maps offline. With a user-friendly can facilitate you noticing out the placement and find friends. Tag system used is also attention-grabbing, because users will add their own location with the feature purpose. In addition, this application already includes 59 countries in the world, so it is very suitable for backpackers or tourists who need your location. The weakness of this app is paid, but the user will still use it for thirty days trial amount.

6. Wisepilot - GPS Navigation

Wisepilot - GPS Navigation

The next is that the Wisepilot application, where the application is given a feature to trace the route of travel from several cities. Navigation is also all right bestowed with the support of your time, distance and in terms of the estimated journey. With a display that is straightforward to know, this application can show varied sorts of transportation that exist in a section. Moreover, the form of maps that ar bestowed in 3D in order that roads and buildings appear as if the initial. Convenience to the user is also supplied with a mark or tag a public place or alternative facility that's in an exceeding region.

7. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

The latest of which is Waze application, the application can show info regarding the state of the roads well. With the system completely period, users can be a lot of precise indecisive the journey to an area. Besides, another interesting feature knowing this application is to show the state of the road like traffic jams, accidents, disasters and other information. Views are also well served with the support form 3D map capable of displaying public places such as POM Gasoline, Restaurants, hotels, ATMs and so forth.

Various facilities offered Android GPS App above. With a complete range of facilities that can support your journey, GPS applications mentioned above were able to meet your needs. Not only online, some of the applications above can also be used offline some communities or are specially made for users who like the adventure in nature. There are also features that support shared location that allows users to search and find a location or person.

Not only that send messaging features are also provided by some vendor applications to allow users to send location and text to other users. GPS applications above there are paid or free, which can free users utilized for various purposes. With difference paid is offline map coverage in the system, which paid more extensive and detailed.

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