6 The Application of The Best Free Android Music Player 2017

Talking about music, it seems that almost everyone has a mobile phone either Android or not, of course, there's always the music files for us to listen in while it is relaxed. But not just in listen, music files that we have can we input into categories or folders to suit our tastes making it easier for us to find the music or songs we want to hear.

For the moment, the fame of android phones in different parts of the world, making the android application development utilizing the moment to make the android music player application in at the combine with a variety of interesting features and of course make the music we listen to the more palatable. There are even a number of applications that are in the music player play store is available for free and also been equipped with features lyrics.

Android Music Player Application

In a music player application default to standard is indeed quite make guests will feel bored, for that matter, from the large number of music players are already available, below we will convey some apps android music player that we think is pretty good and worth a try for your course with without you having to spend the budget to give it a try.

6 Android music player Application

1. TTPod


TTPod is one application at work on a Chinese manufacturer with diverse features in it and made a pretty elegant style and is also quite simple. There is a choice of Skin or the display you can choose according to your taste is certainly make you no longer feel bored with the look of it that's it. On the other hand, this application also can display the lyrics while in the application itself or as you minimize this application so the lyrics still appear even though you have exited from the application.

It's just that this one is for applications that can only bring up the lyrics for the song abroad only. The fame of this application makes a lot of upload android phone users into their cell phones that make less now more downloaded 10 million times. In addition, you can also download the album art from your music playback easy and practical as well as already there are 12 types of sound effects and a professional equalizer.

2. Musixmatch


Well, android music player application is necessary and proper to try, in addition to can be download for free, this application is an application made by the application developer from Indonesia. On call as well as a catalog of the world's greatest Lyrics is indeed true existence, unlike TTPod, the application is able to properly present the lyrics from all types of songs that you play is automatically synchronous.

There are also features FloatingLyrics ™ which is a feature to enjoy the lyrics to synchronous while turning your favorite song with Spotify. Interestingly when you want to find the lyrics to a song yet synchronous, but you do not know your title only entering one of these song lyrics then you can find. There are also additional features like play music and lyrics to your TV by Chromecast, Sleep timer, Equalizer and also had support with Android and Android TV Wear.

3. PowerAmp


Furthermore, there is an application called PowerAmp, the application of the thenar enough in many countries is making the android music player application on this one already downloaded as many as 10 million. A simple and easy menu also in understand as well as many features in it indeed be a fresh breeze for you music lovers. Moreover, this application has also been able to play music from a variety of files such as mp3, mp4, Ogg, WMA, Wav, FLAC, APE, WV, Mpc, TTA, AIFF and much more.

application PowerAmp itself carries the name enough strong because in you can set the bass, treble and also the stereo sound to your taste. Unisex on best android music player application this one features lyrics such as these two applications above. As well as having a great selection of skin or theme and 4 types of widgets with many styles to choose from. And the most important of these applications are Free tables.

4. Rocket Player

Rocket Player

Rocket Player is an application that is designed well enough, the display between easy in use and there is a browse feature make the android music player application is quite easy when you just place the file music from the PC to your device. In this application, you can also customize the theme you like, and also control the sound out with using the 5 bands graphic equalizer.

Like other music player application that is on the top, the Player's Rocket can also be downloaded for free from the play store. On the other hand, features that simply make this application sufficient in like show the lyrics embedded in it and already there is a widget to make you easier in playing music with these applications only from the home screen of your device.

5. DoubleTwist Music Player

DoubleTwist Music Player

Android music player application is DoubleTwist Music Player. This application can in told me quite famous with features that are quite interesting in it. features Sync music contained in it makes this application is quite easy to use. In addition, the application which you can download for free you can also take advantage of the download it album cover for legal high quality for your music.

The feature that makes it easy to find your favorite songs or songs that play in often by you making the application is pretty simple to use. You can also find a song you like by placing the music streaming provide a feature in this app DoubleTwist Music Player. But the features that are no less cool than other music player is there a feature for doing AirPlay to the speaker with the WiFi feature or even to the Apple TV.

6. Jet Audio Music Player + Basic EQ

Jet Audio Music Player + Basic EQ

Jet Audio Basic is one player who's been in music join with features 10 bands equalizer graphic and various sound effects. Android music player application Jet Audio Basic itself there are two versions of IE, free and paid. And using this application you can easily to listen high-quality sound with a capable of reading all the music files.

And that is not less pull it again, the application also provides a very high-quality sound with a variety of effects such as Reverb, and X-Bass. Just to be able to enjoy a variety of interesting content and also a pretty cool editor you must pay him or upgrades to pro version at a price about 50 thousand dollars. But for those of you who are curious can immediately play for free at the download it stores.

From a large number of android music player application that is in play store and you can also download for free no doubt will make you feel bored with the music player of your mobile phone default no longer find boredom while listening to music. Well, the information for this time hopefully with the existence of reviews about the best android music player application that we have already convey above can be a fruitful experience for you all.

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