7 Tricks How to Win Playing PES 2017

PES is a football game that is very popular and also have a lot of fans, game Pes indeed many have the privilege that there are many incredible tricks. Surely if you want to play a great game pes, of course, you have to master all the tricks in the pes game.

On this occasion I will discuss the secrets that I know to play games pes that becoming great, for tricks on how to win PES 2017 that I would be completely peeled until the end, I hope you follow it carefully and do not let anyone trick one gets left out, hehe

Tricks How to Win Playing PES

Tricks How to Win Playing PES 2017

Some of the steps it must pal note:
  • The first trick is you have to determine the team that will be used in the play, the advice I try to select a team that has great players like Barcelona, real Madrid, manchester city, and others.
  • The second trick is select players who will be scaled back in the match must be in excellent condition in the sense of a state of stamina in red or yellow and also try to players who have lowered speed and power that is above average.
  • The third trick please read it first How to create Attack and defense formations automatic, once read please mate for the first formation was very good mentioned. the formation used in attack and defense when attacked by the enemy and these formations have the privilege control of the central sector and the wings and automatically survive by itself.
  • Tricks to four buddies to be able to master a trick to attack the enemy by using formations that you have created, to attack my enemies usually using a trick one-two who used to make the player run ahead of itself, the need to remember the tricks one-two this should be used to a player on the wing and forward positions just do not ever one-two times the tricks used by the defender because it is very dangerous to your team's defense, one-two tricks can be done by pressing X + L1.
  • Tricks to five that we have to master the tricks in defense, this trick is also very important so that we can make the goal we conceded, to do so is when the enemy we're carrying the ball for attacking defend us we should cast shadow only before enemy players approaching itself to our players, when it was approached we just press X just goes without saying that the ball can be captured with ease. To anticipate these tricks did not work and the enemies to get past us, things we need to note that in order to trick the goalkeeper shaking aggressively and swiftly die press Triangle + L1, I guarantee goalie became a hero in the match.
  • Tricks to six of the tricks dribble in processing sphere, one trick is very useful to be able to penetrate the opponent's defense and passed the enemy with this trick, there are many ways dribble in Pes please first read the Trick dribble PES game.
  • Step seventh ie trick score goals through heading will be undertaken on the corner or a pass from the left side and the right that is the way when it would feed the ball to the player who will be heading try before feed press O + L1 and when the ball is running towards the players who will do heading, mate must press R2 to make the players who will be heading the ball and when the ball is already nearing players heading off the press box and R2 which was used to catch the ball.
If my friend had mastered the 7 tricks above I make sure my friend had a great and reliable in playing football games pes. That's a new trick I completely peeled gaming Pes helpful hopefully this article for my friend and gentlemen, and I thank you for visiting FipTech.

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